Do you need a reliable and high-quality bottling company for your non-alcoholic beverages? 

Choose Vital!

  • Our company bottles fruit juices, nectars, syrups, soft drinks and ice teas and has the longest store brand bottling tradition in Slovenia.
  • We use our more than 40 years of experience with our own Frupi brand in the development of fruit beverages for store brands.
  • We organise development workshops and provide excellent advice in the development of new non-alcoholic beverage brands based on our 50-year tradition.
  • Our bottling services include small-scale and niche bottling.
  • Our measure of success is ensuring the highest possible technological and hygienic standards in the bottling of non-alcoholic beverages and the satisfaction of our buyers and business partners.

We bottle non-alcoholic beverages for:

  • Mercator: juices, nectars, fruit syrups, ice teas
  • Spar: nectars, fruit beverages, fruit syrups
  • Tuš: fruit beverages, fruit syrups, soft drinks, ice teas
  • Hofer: soft drinks, ice teas
  • Jager: fruit beverages, ice teas 


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